Bay Avenue  Gallery

Welcome Spring

Outdoor Sale

March 19-20

Tents out front of the shop

10 AM to 4 PM each day

Garden Art Sale



Come Raku with us!



Raku Firing

Come to our first outdoor firing at the gallery

April  TBD from 10 AM-4 pm .

Buy a pot for the firing $25 or bring your own for about $10.


Don’t miss our Studio Tour. This year we will hope to be participating in the Studio Tour. This will be the eleventh tour we will be a part of. All of our artists bring in new wonderful work. We are full of great handmade artworks that are perfect for everyone.

This year we will have two artists in our studio. As always Sue Raymond will be showing her creative creatures in the studio, BUT  this year we will be adding Lesia Price. Lestia is busy making unique ornaments like mermaids, that will add to every holiday.  Put us on your 2020 schedule.

July second, third and fourth weekend 

Look to see if the Oysterville Artisan Fair is scheduled










Come visit this special place.

We will have gift ideas for everyone.



We are having a very busy 2021.



Look for our updates on Facebook.




Richard Lemke Painting








Adult art classes.
Bay Avenue’s talented artists are teaching classes. Each class is designed for everyone to succeed. Whether you are a beginner or expert you will have a wonderful time and create a family heirloom.


Check out our schedule on our art classes page.

Barrel Firing: A group Firing


Come watch the fun with smoke and fire. This event is hosted by Peninsula Clay Artists so there is lots to learn and experience. Feel free to just watch the excitement.

OR you could join in.  For only $25 you can pick a bisqued pot and decorate it with minerals, wire and combustibles. Then you wrap it in foil or tumble stack it for the firing. Refreshments will be enjoyed around the fire. The barrel will be ready to open Sunday at noon. Come create a memory……