Artists at the Gallery

There are amazing artists in our gallery. Each week they bring in new work, offer classes or work behind the counter.

Bay Avenue Gallery

Bay Avenue Gallery is currently not looking for new artists to represent. At this time, we are using our space to best represent the artists we have already connected to the gallery. We would be happy to take your name and contact information for consideration later.



Karen Brownlee

Karen Brownlee is originally from Spokane. She moved to the Long Beach Peninsula nine years ago with her husband Todd. They have two children, Ben (9) and Bella (7).

She is very active in volunteer work and co-founded and directs a non-profit organization which supports Long Beach Elementary School.

Karen also is an avid clay artist and operates her studio at her home. Much of her work is completed on the potters wheel. Karen specializes in functional ware which she carefully matches in sets.

In her spare time she and her family like to explore the natural areas of this region by hiking and learning about wildlife. She hopes to protect the area’s natural beauty for many generations to enjoy.


Bette Lu Krause, aka Auntie Captain Lulabelle (Artist, mariner and wilderness guide)

Bette Lu’s work as an artist and as a shipboard naturalist embodies her passion for and knowledge of wild places.

On the canvas, the bold use of color and the palette knife evoke feelings of mystery, depth and freedom.

In the world, she strives to help travelers witness the mystery and magic of their home planet.

Ms. Krause and her  ever-so-handsome cat make their home near the Pacific Ocean on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula.


Barbara Lester

Barbara Lester is a jewelry artist who lives in Ocean Park, Washington. Her work is featured in shops and galleries along the Washington and Oregon coast as well as in the Columbia River Gorge.

Barbara’s work with is an improvised, experimental, and creative process. She enjoys the process of cutting and layering shapes, playing with color and texture, and allowing all to transform into a one-of-a-kind piece.

Also a watercolor artist, Barbara has taught art workshops to both teachers and children. She especially enjoys motivating children to learn about famous artists and experiment with a variety of art media.


Sandra Lill
Oysterville, WA

I entered this world at an early age possessed of an unrelenting, insatiable curiosity. I believe this to be my most prized possession. Throughout my life this curiosity has led me in many directions–the most recent being that of jewelry making.

My jewelry has its genesis in the small, homely, and natural detritus of everyday being. I use natural materials–stones, jaspers, semiprecious gems, coral and turquoise, all integrated with many types of fibers, sterling and organic strands. In addition, I collect and use vintage beads and glass from Europe dating from the 1930’s through the 1960’s.

My greatest satisfaction and pleasure come from creating pieces that are less decorative and more ornament–reflective of and an homage to our grand and humble surroundings.


Don Perry
Metal Artist

When my job of 18 years (in a local mill) went by the wayside, I decided to use my skills with a plasma cutter and repurpose one of their discarded byproducts (saw blades) in a new direction – art.

The first work was done from saw blades, with a high carbon steel.  When heated the carbon content gives the pieces the beautiful blue colors you see on some of my pieces. I quickly went on to experiment with other metals including copper, stainless steel, and some titanium.

Joy and delight find their way into my work.


Judy Cox- Paper Artist, Collage & Watercolors
I have been designing cards and working with paper arts for over 10 years. I work with a mixed media that includes paper casting of which I create my own molds. I have my work in a number of galleries and shops in Oregon and Washington. I teach paper arts both locally and in Southern California. I also do paper collage & watercolors.
PO Box 1489
Ocean Park WA 98640


Just a few of the artists represented within our gallery.